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How do I conduct Amazon keyword research in 2021 ?

The goal? To compile a comprehensive list of keywords for each product, thus maximizing the number of search queries that trigger your product listings and making your inventory as visible as possible in the Amazon search results.

Here’s how.

1. Target products that complement your product.

As you may have learned in an introductory economics course, complements are products that consumers frequently buy together.

To put it in Amazon terms: everything you see under “Frequently bought together” is a complement to the product displayed on the details page.

By targeting complements to your product — in the…

What is new on PricingScan?

Your personalized email funnels and mobile-friendly app

First UP!

Announcing AutoResponder’s to help save you time and stay connected to your customers.

What is your biggest challenge with an online storefront? If you said the inability to interact with your customers, we have good news for you.

Most of us miss that face-to-face interaction. Do you know why? Because communication is key to your success.

Communication — the human connection — is the key to personal and career success. — Paul J. Meyer

The latest release on PricingScan relieves the communication problem with AutoResponder’s.

What are AutoResponder’s?

A customer purchase triggers a sequence of emails…

Program built to prevent counterfeits is expanding to Japan and Australia.

Transparency is a product serialization service that builds on innovative solutions. Therefore it ensure that customers always receive authentic goods when shopping in Amazon’s stores.

But… How it works?

Transparency allows brands to uniquely identify each unit they produce. It’s the application of unique codes on the product or its packaging which allows this unicity. Thus Amazon inspect and authenticate every unit enrolled in Transparency proactively, preventing counterfeits from ever reaching customers. Additionally, customers can use a mobile app to scan the code and verify authenticity regardless of where they purchase the products. …

Do You Know Profits Of Tech Giant Hit An All Time High In First Quarter?

Strong increase in online product demand

Amazon’s profit in the first three months of 2021 came in at $8.1billion — more than triple what it was in the same period last year.

The online marketplace is among the businesses that have thrived during the various government lockdowns aimed at limiting the spread of the coronavirus.

As many millions of people were forced to stay in their homes, Amazon was relied on for the delivery of supplies.

Since the pandemic began, the business has posted four consecutive record quarterly profits and attracted…

Are You Ready To Win Free 1-Year Trial On PricingScan App ?

PricingScan, a new web based App, is The First Complete Amazon Seller Platform with dynamic pricing which aims to facilitate Amazon Seller’s life and grow their business. App is different from competitor offers in three ways:

  • First we have a dynamic pricing (1%) adapted to seasonal sellers
  • Second we are focusing on the product management and product ranking.
  • Eventually we want to create a community for Amazon sellers by linking to Facebook and other social media and promoting their products.

We are looking for engaged Beta testers

Beta tester must:

  • be an active Amazon seller

What to sell on Amazon? How does a seller who wants to get started on Amazon, the world’s number one e-commerce site, go about finding the right products to sell? Knowing that on top of that, Amazon is very picky about the requirements for its resellers.

Let’s look at this in detail, but before we talk about the different ways that can help you make this very important choice, let’s talk about the reasons why…

1. It is important to select the right products to sell on Amazon.

You will have understood that if you are viewing this article, it is because you also bring a great importance to the choices to be…

How to grow your business with Amazon PPC in 2021?

Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising has developed into a powerful marketing channel on Amazon. Therefore, Running Amazon PPC ads enables sellers to ‘buy’ visibility for their products at the top of Amazon’s search results page.

However, the number of sellers leveraging Amazon PPC’s potential continues to grow significantly year over year. So, without Amazon PPC strategy in place, it may become difficult to achieve your advertising goals.

What Is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC is an advertising model in which advertisers pay a fee to Amazon when a shopper clicks on their ad (pay-per-click). There are…

Seller Feedback vs Product Reviews on Amazon

Getting reviews on Amazon is pretty important. But can you distinguish the nuances between seller feedback and product reviews? Both are crucial to gaining visibility and being successful, so let’s take a look at what separates the two.

Differentiating Between Seller Feedback and Product Reviews

Seller feedback has to do with a buyer’s experience of the seller, such as with issues like:

  • How quickly and thoroughly the seller answered questions about the product.
  • What the shipping process was like, i.e. did it arrive by the expected delivery date, was the item well-packaged, what was the customer support like and how…

PricingScan App Launch on April 1st 2021

After 6 months of developpment we have the pleasure of launching our Amazon application on the US market.

It’s the First Complete Amazon Sellers Platform with Dynamic Pricing.

All of this for only 1% commission on your Amazon sales in a month.

How work dynamic pricing?

Contrary to competitors there is no complex pricing and no limited features.

We are the only platform in the market to offer a sales support platform for Amazon sellers with dynamic pricing and without any fixed fee.

Because we know that sales can be seasonal so when you don’t sell you…

How to measure your performances of seller on Amazon? is the 7th step of How To Sell On Amazon In Seven Key Steps?

Thanks to PricingScan App you have a complete dashboard to follow your results. When you sign up on PricingScan App and you link your Amazon seller central account, our program get 1 year of all your datas so you have already a functional dashboard!

With the button on the top left corner, you can extend view of dashboard in full screen.


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